About Us

LENS Management Group Staffing is a certified business based in North Carolina & Georgia providing services nationwide. As a woman-owned small business and having over 40 minority certified throughout the nation, we are a Healthcare Staffing Agency that provides clinical and nonclinical workers to healthcare industries. With an unparalleled commitment to serving the needs of our clients, we believe our diversity is our strength and we not only support but celebrate each other's differences. This proposal is built on proven success-based methodologies for providing a wide range of working and registered staffing services at competitive prices and with world-class service.

LENS Management Group Staffing prioritizes their clients’ satisfaction as we believe in providing high-quality services and we have built our client base and reputation on that precisely. Our outstanding client services and the quality that LENS Management Group Staffing guarantees have positioned us as the industry leader in client retention.

LENS Management Group Staffing provides Registered Travel Staff to assist clients' temporary needs for clients that include RN, LPN, CNA & other healthcare administrative, operational, and technology staff in multiple locations.